4.3 Hardware - Buttons different


Tony L-Iowa

I noticed there's a slightly different part on the Mouser project buttons project than the independent link contains. In the project it's a "PTS125SK85 LFS" whereas on the independent link it's "PTS125SM85 2 LFS". I ordered the project and noticed the buttons have small circles in the center of them which don't show up on the buttons in assembly process photos. I'm sure both work fine but it was an observation I noticed because the circle holes I thought were holders for caps that I forgot to order. But then I noticed there were no caps on these buttons like on the 4 way button/switch for the 4.2.4 project.

John Bostwick

TVWBB Wizard
Either button is OK. I have some that have the hole and regular buttons. Since mine are two different colors(black, and a grayish color), I make the left/right, one color and the up and down, the other color.

Bryan Mayland

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Yeah I could not find a part in mouser that didn't have the holes in the top. I ordered every button they have that fits the spec and all of them were not what the picture was, usually a different color and always with a hole. I might be getting to specific with the parts search though or maybe selecting the wrong thing along the way. The parts for the kits, I order the 26 pin connector, buttons, and 1x5 female connectors in bulk (250x-2000x) from China and everything else from official suppliers. They are incredibly too expensive from Mouser/DigiKey/Farnell/Arrow/Verical/Allied/etc.

If you check on eBay you can find people selling 12x12x7.5 buttons that may or may not have holes in them in lower quantity if you're looking to do a few builds.