22.5 WSM Door Handle Fix


Mike Zarecky

Starting with my handle with the brass grommet stripped out I drilled thru from the WSM side with a 17/64" drill (slightly a over 1/4). From the handle side I used a flat bottom 3/8" drill and counter bored 1/8" deep. I then inserted a 1/4-20 UNC Socket Head Cap Screw x 2" long. I then put it all together in the same order as my new door with a 1/4" nut & lock washer Works great!

Remember don't cut off the key on the handle! (That's The square part on the handles WSM side) The person doing my machining did and we had to do some more machining to get the handle end square to fit the square hole in the notch.

handle-2 by mikezzmini, on Flickr

handle-1 by mikezzmini, on Flickr

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Man, that is great! Next time my handle comes off thats what Im doing.
Thank you for sharing.

Very nice! I already had Weber send me a replacement as my first one broke just like yours. As I'm installing the new one I already know that the same thing is going to happen to this one. When I called Weber they instantly knew what the problem was. They didn't want me to send a picture as is customary to verify a problem. Not only did they send me a new knob but they sent a whole new door assembly. It was obvious to me that they must do this several times a day! I'm no genius by any stretch but wouldn't it be more cost effective to just fix this design flaw?
When this one breaks I am going to use your fix. Looks great!:)
Mike, my brass ring just failed and I fixed it with super glue, however, while at the Home Depot, I bought your idea of the 2 inch bolt just in case of another failure.

This failure is so common I wonder why Cajun Bandit hasn't made a better one.
When I replaced my OEM Weber Aluminum door with the Cajun Bandit SS door, I installed the original Weber handle to it. I could tell this wasn't going to last long, so I order the compression latch from Amazon. Once installed, all problems solved. Tight solid door and very secure latch.

You should be able to search here for "WSM compression latch" to find the part number and instructions on how to install it.
Cheap and easy fix for the Cajun Bandit Door with Original Handle that will last