2003 Weber Summit Grill Animated Commercials


J Grotz

TVWBB Wizard

edit: I did not see these in the brochure and catalog forum, so I thought I would share them here.
Thanks to J Grotz for posting these.

They are examples of animation work done for Weber by Head Gear Animation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While posted to Vimeo in January 2012, they depict a newly redesigned Weber Summit gas grill introduced in 2003. Weber promoted these commercials and had a "name this man" contest for the animated character in the Spring 2004 issue of Grill Out Times newsletter (see below). In advertising, Weber referred to this grill as "the new Summit Grill and outdoor oven."


I'm unfamiliar with the 800-211-3381 phone number shown in the ad. Back in the day, Weber used 800-446-1071 for general customer service inquiries, 800-99-WEBER for ordering parts and accessories, 800-GRILL-OUT for a seasonal grilling hotline from April 1 through Labor Day, and in 1997 a dedicated Summit hotline at 888-33-SUMMIT.