Grill Out Times: Volume 10 Issue 1 - Spring 2004


Chris Allingham

Staff member
Grill Out Times: Volume 10 Issue 1 - Spring 2004

In this issue:

  • Mike avoids getting political during an election year but discusses how hamburgers have been elected "the President of things grilled."
  • WeberQ goes to Maui: Winner of a Weber contest describes her tropical vacation at the Four Seasons.
  • WeberQ hits the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
  • Tips for grilling the perfect burger.
  • Recipes for Black Thai burgers with gingered shiitakes, portobello mushrooms and goat cheese sandwich, turkey burgers with chunky peach-cranberry ketchup, sausage burgers with grill-roasted peppers, and America's Most Wanted Burger.
  • How to Clean Gas Grill: A cartoon masterpiece by Linda Kelen.
  • Name the new star of Weber TV commercials and you could win a grill.


Spring Catalog 2004

I want to offer a big TVWBB thank you to Eugene Apicella for providing this issue for our collection.