2003 Greentop Performer restore



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This is my first post to the forum, and I just dowloaded all the photos taken to date since acquiring the grill last week. Cleaning went well overall, although I still haven't been able to completely get rid of the brown stain on the top. I have been unable to light it with its own propane tank as it is bone dry, and local propane outfits won't fill it due to date-2005. The previous owner gave me all his charcoal, tools and lighter fluid so I imagine he had been using that method for quite some time. The grates cleaned up pretty good, but of course don't look new and a new one would complete the job. Any other ideas/recommendations would be welcomed!
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Dave in KC

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Looking good.
Brown stain -try Sams Club cleaner? Barkeepers Friend? Baking soda and vinegar?
Use any with a Scotchbrite pan, going with the direction of the grain only.
Do NOT use any type of steel wool, no matter how fine of grade.

Tank -call around. Avoid the tank swap places. You need to find the actual
filling depots. They can recertify, and fill the tank for you. It took me some
calling around, but I finally found a place that will do both for about $12

Stefan H

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Looks good. If this is a heat stain I would try baking soda and vinegar and 0000 steel wool. And scrub with the grain. SS scratches easily.

JKim in MA

I've owned a couple of Gen 1 performers and have done the following for the propane tanks:

1) Purchased a new Manchester 5 lb propane tank and changed out the fitting on the existing regulator to accept a new QCC1 fitting



2) Added a tank scale from a Weber Genesis and fitted a 20 lb tank:


I still have the old 5 lb propane tanks, I'd love to find a local propane place that would recertify the old ones (just haven't had the time).


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Thanks-that looks like a brilliantly simple solution, and less complicated than what I got done, although at around $15 I can't complain. That solution looks even more cost effective! Thanks-and go Bruins JKim!

Rich Dahl

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My later model performer used the little one pound disposable tanks and I got tired of replacing them so frequently so I bought a adaptor hose which was designed for converting Q grills to take a 20# tank. It's now on its third year on the original 20# tank and still about half full. I don't move the performer much so the big tank just sits next to it.

Kevin L (NKY)

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Very nice job on this restore, lots good advise on how to clean the top and deal with the tank.
I love the older SS models if I was to do s mod it would be to raise it up a few inches to like counter top height less bending over.


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Thanks guys, I gotta get that ss top done now but am torn between advise on 0000 vs scotchgard pad=perhaps latter with vinegar and water safer. Final clean on grates and then leave burner option to new owner possibly. I would never go those small tanks due to cost, as I have already converted my own to use 20's too. Should probably get a new grate though for appeal

Kevin L (NKY)

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Use the scotch brite pad the steel wool and vinegar do not mix well plus the wool and acid will impart rust, another level of clean up. Scotch brite work with the grain, then rinse and coat with synthetic wax.


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Wax-got it! Thanks Kevin. Got some barkeepers friend last night to use on it as recommended.
Also got a call back from a local Suburban Propane dealer-they do do recertification -cost is $15 with a 5 year guarantee only, fillip another $3.99. Think I'm gonna leave that decision up to a new owner, and will present options. I've already decided to go the 20 lb route myself, makes more sense.
Finishing it up by weekend-also managed to pick up a Bluetop A for $35-always wanted one to match my Performer!
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very nice. i'm in the process of restoring an old kettle myself. Fingers crossed the rest of the grease and gunk comes off easily today. if so then i should be done with it this afternoon.


I was able to fit a 20# table under my SS performer by removing the mounting bar and turning it around. Leaves enough space so it sits on the frame and I’m still able to reach through the original access to turn on the propane. I use a ratcheting cargo strap to hold it it place. Works quite well actually. I’d post pics but I haven’t been having much luck since photobucket went belly up


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Thanks Ryan-fingers crossed I am able to sell it soon too! Bob, thats another good idea-I'll have to look into mounting the tank sometime soon.


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Thought I"d share an experience that Rich Dahl just went through recently. I just posted this Greentop on CL last night, and it didn't take the scammers long.

Thanks for the prompt response to my email. I am so happy that the item is still available, I am very serious in buying from you, I would have come down to your location but I always have a busy hours at work, Please let me know if a Certified Cashiers Check is okay, My pick up will be after you have your money cleared up. The check will be mail out to you today via UPS Service and it will deliver to you within 48hrs, I will make arrangement for the pick up as soon as the check clears. Hope I can trust you with the check payment? I will make arrangement for pick-up . So get back to me with below details asap.
Zip Code:
Cell Number:
Last Asking price..

I will make arrangements for pick up as soon as you have your money, I will add an additional $40 for holding it for me Please consider it sold.

Thank you , hope to read back from you soon

I think I'm all done with CL after this! Just hope some don't fall for it. I'm sure its not in all areas of the country, but beware.


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I was fortunate to be able to sell this SSP last weekend to an up and coming grill enthusiast who should enjoy it for some time to come. Also want again thank all for the invaluable tips above which really helped in getting it properly restored. Should also add that it sold through CL, which restored my faith in them. Unfortunate a few bad apples spoil the broth.
In moving my hose back to my SSP, I found I had lost that magic little hog clip. For now I have secured it with a large paper clip!