2001 Weber's Book of Grilled Pizza


Chris Allingham

Staff member
2001 Weber's Book of Grilled Pizza

This booklet was published in 2001 and mailed to customers on the Weber mailing list. It features Bob Blumer...you may remember him as The Surreal Gourmet on the Food Network. He wrote a couple of Surreal Gourmet books in the 1990s, collaborated with Weber on this booklet, then hosted the Surreal Gourmet television show starting in 2002.

This full-color 42-page booklet discusses:

  • The history of pizza
  • Necessary pizza tools
  • How to setup both charcoal and gas grills for pizza making
  • A basic dough recipe
  • How to grill the pizza
  • 10 pizza recipes + 1 mixed green salad recipe
  • A comprehensive list of suggest toppings for grilled pizza
  • How to host a grilled pizza party
  • Grilled pizza safety

The booklet in beautifully illustrated with interesting artwork throughout. It's one of the better pieces that Weber mailed to its customers for free, back in the day when companies actually communicated and marketed to customers by snail mail. :)


Cool stuff Chris!
So, you California folks ate veggie pies way back then too?
Extensive topping list, but no Provel listed for a cheese choice, what the heck?