2 cooks this weekend to decide keep it or return it.

Bob Swaskoski

Man, I had convinced myself I didn't need a SmokeFire.... then I see this thread. Ugh. All of the food in this thread looks awesome. Wow.
I joined 3 different FaceBook groups for the SmokeFire. Seems that lots of people are turning out good food and Lots of people are having serious problems. It is very much a mixed bag right now.


It currently is not a set it and forget it deal, it will take drip pans and pellet management to maximize its potential, however I always used drip pans in my 22” WSM and the EX6 is a million times easier for me to monitor and get the results I’m looking for.

I have a ton of confidence I can get great results on anything low and slow with the EX6 and look forward to a summer of practice.