2 cooks this weekend to decide keep it or return it.


So I deccided to try and put the Smokefire through a typical weekend this summer. To keep it the Smokefire must pull through with out a big fail. I don’t hate using a drip pan and don’t mind pushing the pellets around on occasion, but the controller and smoker must perform with no issues.

Going to do a Texas style 5 lb turkey breast at 265 for 2 hours and wrap it with butter and finish to 162/165. Probably a 3-4 hour cook. Going to use Weber SmokeFire apple pellets with about 1/4 Grill master blend mixed in.

Tonight or early tomorrow I’m doing a simple low and slow cook. Can’t do a brisket this weekend because I’m not huge on leftovers and the wife and kids will be out Sunday, so I grabbed a 2 pound Wagyu beef rib from my butcher. My plan as of now is to start at 200 for 4 hours and go to 225 for the rest of the cook. Still need to work out some details on this cook as I have never done a beef rib, let alone a $35 one.

Any tips on a simple way to cook the rib would be helpful. I’m going just salt and pepper and will use the grill master blend.
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Looks bigger in person.
sarting out on the left side, won’t look again for 2 hours.
In both these cooks I’m trying to work with the SmokeFire to get my best results. So if I need a drip pan and have to start on the left, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m looking for good food for dinner. My kids are dying to try this so, no pressure.