1st Brisket


Thom Emery

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Hey Guys
Count me as crazy if you must BUT.
I will be doing my 1st Brisket Sunday
(6 pounds trimmed from Costco).
And I am struck by the thought that
BBQ is like Art. I create these Sunday
masterpieces or duds. Sometimes a hero
sometimes a zero.
Anyway 1st Brisket
mustard slather
simple rub
fat side up for 3 hours
wood will be cherry oak and grape
foil last 2 hours

Bryan S

TVWBB Olympian
Fat side down and after foiling then put the fat side up. Cooking it fat side down will protect it from drying out. If it's trimmed pretty good foiling will really help it from drying out. You might want to think about foiling once the temp reaches 160 in the flat instead of the 3 hrs thing.

Thom Emery

TVWBB Super Fan
OH MY It is so so good lol
I am a hero tonight!

Thanks for the tip Bryan
I did a rack of ribs above the brisket
EVERYONE got what they like.

Bryan S

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Thom Emery:
Bryan why cant you BBQ now?
What type oh racing do you follow?
I am a NASCAR fan </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
Glad it came out great for you. I like pretty much all racing. NASCAR, Busch, Trucks,etc....... and ANYTHING on Dirt. Dirt Mods and Winged Sprint Cars are awsome.
Well the preliminary diagnosis from the Doc is Lyme Disease. I won't know for sure for awhile yet but i have all the symptoms and had the classic Bulls Eye Rash develope on my left bicep 3 weeks ago. In major pain and pretty much confined to the recliner, comupter chair, or bed. It's a tick born disease that's common here on the east coast. Hopefully it was caught early and i will make a full recovery. It's misdiagnosed alot and that leads to a life long battle fighting the disease. If interrested you can read about it here.Lyme Disease. Keep up the good work.

Paul H

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Bryan, sorry to hear about your problem. Hang in there. Really appreciate your input on this site.

Art R

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Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I just read about Lyme Disease in my county. Still rare, but they recommend checking your body every few hours in that you're out in the field. I guess the critters only start to be toxic when attached for a few hours. So if you catch 'em early it can be ok.

Does OFF or DEET work against them?


Bryan S

TVWBB Olympian
Thanks Paul & Art. Feeling better today. My test results came back negative which is a very good sign. It usally takes 3 weeks for the Lyme Disease to show up in your blood so looks like it was caught early.
I was tested 2 weeks after getting bit. I'll be on antibiotics for about 4 - 6 weeks and be retested in 6 weeks.If all is still neg then antibiotics treatment will stop. Hopefully i can return to work next week.
Art, Yes DEET is the reccomended/best spray for tick defense/protection.