1988 Weber Limited Warranty & Registration Card


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1988 Weber Limited Warranty & Registration Card

Remember these? Mail-in registration cards were common for many products sold in the 1970s-1990s. When the internet came along and product registration went online, these paper registration cards disappeared.

This one came with a 1985 Weber One-Touch Charcoal Cookbook and 1987 70000 Series assembly instructions I found on eBay. It's dated 9/88, measures 5.5" x 12", printed in black & white on white card stock, and folded in two locations.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE FILL OUT AND RETURN WITHIN THE NEXT 10 DAYS. Tear-off and keep the bottom portion for your records. Write neatly, tape shut, apply a 25¢ first-class stamp, and drop into the mailbox.

One interesting tidbit of Weber history can be found in Question #10 "What other Weber products do you own?" In addition to "Weber Torch" and "Weber Fireplace" and "Weber Lantern" which many people know about, a more obscure item listed is "Weber BirdFeeder". Yes, in the mid- to late-80s, Weber made bird feeders and even sold a "squirrel guard" accessory that was actually a repurposed kettle lid under which you hung any bird feeder! Here's a link to the patent filings and diagrams.

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