Weber Bird Feeder System

Chris Allingham

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Yes, in the mid- to late-80s, Weber was in the bird feeder business with the Weber Bird Feeder System.

According to this 1985 Weber Product Brochure:

"With the new Weber Bird Feeder System, you'll have birds chirping in your yard all year 'round. Choose from our three natural redwood models or unique PentaFeeder line. And don't forget to check into our feeder accessories. All are made with traditional Weber quality."

"The PentaFeeder rewards you and the birds."

Here's a photo from WKC member Jocool in Australia who found a PentaFeeder with original box.

Weber even sold an accessory called a "squirrel guard" made from a repurposed kettle lid under which you could hang any bird feeder! Here's a photo courtesy of TVWBB friend Anthony Galaz.

1985 Weber Bird Feeder Patent
1986 Weber Bird Feeder Patent


Bob Correll

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Trying to find an actual picture of one, I haven't yet, I ran across this article from 1985.
Maybe you've seen it before.

"Additionally, the company has branched out into patio accessories such as outdoor fireplaces, lanterns, bug killers and bird feeders, and has promoted these accessories with an ad campaign billing the backyard as ''the Weber room.''

Timothy F. Lewis

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Bob, you are an interesting curator of so many things Weber! Thanks for sharing that article. I especially like the correction at the bottom of the article!
The old family owned hardware store here had every one of the items for a Weber Room! I miss that store! The old guy was a BIG promoter of the Genesis when it first arrived, he was pitching me on all the Superior design points when I was 20 or younger. Now that I actually have a (‘97) Genny I remember every word that man said!
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