wsm 22.5

  1. P

    WSM full competition set-up

    I have a full WSM competition package for sale. This consists of 2-22" and 2-18" cookers. One of the 22" front doors is bent and needs replacing. One of the 22" WSMs is brand new and assembled. I also have a 22" hanging rack in the package. I have a digi-q (non wifi) with probes. This would get...
  2. S Thakkar

    22.5" WSM Question - How much pulled pork can I make?

    Hey everyone, I've yet to max out my 22.5 WSM, but I'm making pulled pork for my church. Anyone have an idea about how much pulled pork you can yield from it? Or, how many I can feed? Thinking simple: Small sammiches using Hawaiian bread + slaw and potato salad as a side. Thanks in advance...
  3. C

    22.5 WSM and BBQ Guru Partyq

    I was wondering if any one had this set up with the 22.5 WSM and that Partyq? i was looking at the partyq on amazon and reading the reviews and some posted that it takes a lot of work for the partyq to keep the temp on a 22.5 ism. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. M

    2nd Brisket...OH so good!

    We had some family in town for my sons second birthday so my wife and I decided a brisket would be a perfect dinner choice. We got a heat wave (45 degrees) so I had no problem with my WSM holding a nice temp all day. My son and I must of had the same wake up call of 5:30 because we were both up...
  5. S

    First time owner of WSM 22.5 in Houston

    Hello! I've finally graduated to the WSM from an Old Smokey and El Cheapo Brinkman. Just started smoking a year or so ago & love it! Have made brisket, turkey, beef and pork ribs. Enjoy sampling BBQ as well. Have been to Lockhart & Austin and went to the TMBBQ fest for the 1st time this year. I...
  6. J

    Smoke coming through lid

    So I did my first burn in my wsm 22.5 with lump coal and about 5 chunks of pecan & hickory wood. I had some smoke coming out the door which was expected but there was also some smoke coming out of the edges of the lid. Does everyone generally have a airtight seal on the lid or is it normal to...
  7. J

    New 22.5 Smokey Mountain

    Hey everybody I'm new to the forum and just bought a weber smokey mountain 22.5. My friend owns a hardware store and at first i was set on getting the 18.5. The thing that changed my mind and led me to getting the 22.5 is that my buddy said "Jimmy…. your always going to want more room". Plus the...
  8. J

    New from Southern Ohio

    A buddy directed me here when i was asking him questions about my new WSM 22.5. I have been smokin on an old Brinkman for 3 years and finally got me a real smoker... I do mostly pork butts, ribs, steaks, brisket, brats, and occasionally deer on the smoker... I smoked almost 50lb on my new WSM...
  9. T

    Second smoke - 14 lbs Packer Brisket

    Here are some pics from yesterday's Smoke. 14 pound Whole packer brisket! ended up just shy of 12 pounds after trimming. Came out great. The flat was moist and tender and the burnt ends.... As my daughter said "These are so MMMMMM!" LOL. After smoking with my 22.5 OTG and the Smokenator for a...
  10. P

    Hi from the nations capital - canada

    Hey guys, I just got my first wsm (used) last summer. I compete and have run an amateur circuit using kettles. We won 2 GC's and this year I am doing 2 pro comps. I really love my wsm - I have modded the thing - double charcoal grate, handles on the main cook body, handles on the lower grate...
  11. A

    New WSM owner doing my first brisket.

    Hi all! I'm brand new to the group, though I have popped by to read an article or two now and again over the years. I'm also a brand new WSM 22.5" owner. My previous smoker was a side box model with more holes than cheese grater, so needless to say, smoking on it was a hassle. So much so that I...
  12. MH Brown

    Back again!

    I'm so glad to be back on TVWBB! I was tempted to go to the dark side and buy a big stick burner up until yesterday and my wife brought me to my senses. Well a mistake in buying a used trailer that is too small for one helped...anyway my wife bought me 2 WSM 22.5"s for my birthday. I've...