wsm 18.5

  1. J

    Smoke coming through lid

    So I did my first burn in my wsm 22.5 with lump coal and about 5 chunks of pecan & hickory wood. I had some smoke coming out the door which was expected but there was also some smoke coming out of the edges of the lid. Does everyone generally have a airtight seal on the lid or is it normal to...
  2. G

    Hello from Manning Iowa

    After spending most of last summer learning how to smoke on my Weber Kettle, silver, I decided it was time to get a WSM 18.5 and what a smart decision that was. Last weekend I did my first big smoke. I bought 2 8.5 lb bone in Boston butts and a 8lb boneless loin. For the butts I used Chris...
  3. R

    First Boston butt this Saturday

    The local grocer had natural (no additives, enhancers, flavorings, tenderizers, etc...) Boston butts on a two-for-one sale at $2.49/lb. At the equivalent of $1.25/lb, I couldn't pass it up. I bought two 5-pounders for about $12.50. I froze and vacuum-sealed one of them for a later date and...