weber smoker

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    Weber Go-Anywhere 6 hour slow and low with TempMaster Pro controller

    hi all, WeberGA is my #1 favorite grill (I own 20+ grills from 28" kamados to smokey joe and everything in between) I took it "anywhere" I go like camping at the beach. I ended up making mods to turn it into a smoker. The mods are...a temperature controller based on Arduino, a drip pan, and a...
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    Searing grates

    Where can I buy searing grates for the 14" Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker?
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    Complete beginner with Weber Smoker. Help!

    Hi all My name is Angela. I LOVE cooking. However my cooking is confined to the domestic kitchen. !!!!! I have purchased a Weber Smoker.... I have no idea what I am doing!!! I am also a technophobe. No facebook . No twitter. Not a member of any forum. Ever. As I write this my daughter is...