smoked chicken

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    Smoked Chicken with Alabama White BBQ Sauce - Unexpected awesome smoke on a rainy day

    PLAN A (Crash & Burn) - I always have a plan going into Smoke Day, I choose the recipe weeks before and think about it in the run up. I order my shirts and wait with anticipation for them to arrive. The week before, I start to provision. This is where the problems began. I was going to smoke...
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    Slow-smoked Huli Huli Chicken with Weber Go-Anywhere and TempMaster Pro

    I smoked some Hawaiian Huli Huli chicken at the beach last week and the result is just amazing. I picked up small cornish hen chickens from Costco, marinaded it with Huli Huli sauce overnight (or any other marinades of your choice). Next day we roll up to the beach with my portable smoker setup...