1. Sal Barsanti

    Hood Flop - Cookbox Disaster - Ideas

    Went to pick up a 2005 Genesis Gold yesterday (free) for a family member. Looked pretty good from the start. As we were loading the grill into the truck, the hood flew open and cracked/broke the cookbox in two spots (see pics). In a split second, this happened, unfortunately. Brought her home...
  2. J

    WSM 18” 2005 - repairing holes in base and water pan

    I have two areas that I need to repair on my WSM. The first is a hole at the bottom of the lower section. It’s very small, about 1/8” and about perfectly round. No rust or other damage around the hole. Liquid tends to drip out during cooking, so I’d like to seal this up somehow in a manner that...
  3. Mike_S

    Best way to repair broken Q leg?

    I noticed while cleaning up my basement that one of the legs on my Q broke off. Now I have an idea on how it happened by and by whom but that is not the point right now. it is on the foldable stand so it can stand up in place, but when I need to use it I'd rather not have it be on three legs.
  4. D

    BBQ lid falls back

    Wondering if any of you have had a similar problem: My Weber BBQ has had some metal break off, and now the lid has nothing to prevent it from falling backwards. I have to keep a hold on it, which torches my arm. Any DIY or better solutions?
  5. M

    New Cookbox was "Repairing holes in Summit Cook Box"

    UPDATE: Thanks to the support from this forum I requested and received a warranty replacement cookbox a little over a week after contacting them! jump to here to see the new cookbox. Hi: It's my first post. Thanks for letting me join your forum! I have a Summit 660 Grill Center that I...
  6. T

    Weber genesis igniter bracket discontinued... anyone know a replacement part?

    Hey guys, I'm doing a rehab of a weber genesis, and need to order a new igniter button and surrounding bracket. (part numbers 92510 and 92515 respectively). The igniter switch is easily replaceable but the bracket (92515) is discontinued from Weber. Anyone know where I can get a replacement or...
  7. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Frame Cross Member repair

    WHAT: This is a How To on replacing the frame cross member on the left side of the fire box on Genesis Silver/Gold and 1000-5000 WHY: This part of the frame is a problem area that attracts substantial rust due to being next to the fire box heat. The rust is centered around the bolt area that...
  8. J

    Weber Q 2200AU Burst into flames, trying to repair

    Alright lads, I love my weber Q 2200AU running on LPG. Went to start it the other night and it made a strange sucking sound before I ignited it. Once it lit, the flames were dancing along the top of the hot plates way larger than I have ever seen before they suddenly shot out the side and...
  9. P

    Should I buy a used Summit?

    This used summit on CL caught my eye. The posting is asking for $225 but I think I can talk him down to $150. It is missing the gas line, and I will need some work. I have never repaired a grill, but have followed the treads. I hope to see it in person today, and will definitely look over the...
  10. G

    Question about cooking grate life and possible repair

    I am the owner of a four year old Weber Spirit 320 Gas BBQ. It gets typical domestic use - say used once/twice per week. It is well protected - no rust. Recently I noticed that one of the welds on one of the cooking grates (porcelain enamel - part no. 7525) has broken. So one of the splines is...