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    Two butts on the mini WSM....advise please

    I'm looking to smoke two butt on my mini. I'm quite new to all of this, as I have only tackled 3 butts and 5 or 6 beer can chickens in the mini. I'm hoping to get advise on how to achieve success with this endeavor. My known variables are as follows: * I'm expecting the ambient temperature to...
  2. J

    WSM 22.5 observation

    So I am posting in the new wsm owner thread, even though I owned my first wsm five years ago. I loved it, but got carried away in a bge sickness, and let my friend have my 18.5 wsm after I got my second bge. I have, and still do enjoy using my eggs, but I found a 22.5 wsm for sale last week...