genesis 2000

  1. E

    New Member

    Hello. My name is Elliott. I just picked up what I believe to be a Genesis 2000 grill for free from a neighbor. It is in relatively good shape. I have become borderline obsessed with researching weber restoration projects since I stumbled across this forum. I am very excited to get started. Can...
  2. ScottS-FORTX

    Genesis 2000 Restoration

    Howdy all! New to the forum. Been wanting an old Red Head to restore for a while and found one in reasonable condition (working!) on Facebook marketplace for $50. Went and picked it up yesterday. Not in bad shape, will need all the wood replaced and some of the frame. The firebox and lid...
  3. S

    Restoration Newbie - Genesis 2000

    I was looking to buy a new grill when a friend steered me towards this forum. After browsing his Genesis 1000 restoration journey, I was hooked. I cruised Facebook marketplace and found this Genesis 2000. And now the restoration begins! The grill seems to be in decent shape, but we'll see once...
  4. L

    Newer Genesis Side Burner into Genesis 2000

    Howdy - I'm slowly restoring a Genesis 2000 that I picked up a couple of months ago. Love the grill and thankful for all the restoration advice on the forums. Today on Craigslist someone posted a "Weber Genesis Side Burner and Side Shelf" for 25 dollars. Picture: Any chance I can drop that...
  5. G

    Genesis 2000 XL Restoration - I'm stuck

    I started taking my 14 year old G2000 apart only to realize I've got more damage then I expected.. I need a new cooking box (or I need to find a machine shop that can drill out screws and re-thread). I also need a left upper frame, front panel, spacer bracket and a manifold assembly... Just...
  6. G

    Z brackets for Genesis 2000 tables?

    Any ideas on where to find the steel z brackets that hold the Durawood slats? My are completely corroded.
  7. G

    Hello from No Florida

    Just joined. Getting ready to restore a Genesis 2000 LX