22.5 wsm

  1. C

    22.5 WSM and BBQ Guru Partyq

    I was wondering if any one had this set up with the 22.5 WSM and that Partyq? i was looking at the partyq on amazon and reading the reviews and some posted that it takes a lot of work for the partyq to keep the temp on a 22.5 ism. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. G

    22.5" WSM Long Cook Question

    Hi all, I've had a 22.5" WSM for a couple of years now, but I've never done anything besides ribs and poultry on it, so the longest I've had it fired up was about 6 hours. This spring I'm hoping to do at least a couple briskets, and I'm a little concerned about the long cook time. I always see...
  3. Lee Landrum

    First cook on 22.5 WSM a few issues

    Got this baby for Father's Day and couldn't be happier. I've cooked my first butt, put it on around 10:30 last night and as of right now haven't had a chance to try it out....it's wrapped and cooling to be shredded shortly. First things first.....this big boy likes to run hot as you all know but...
  4. R Malin

    Greetings from SoCal!

    Finally checking in after buying my WSM 22.5" for a Christmas present to myself. I've been futzing around with a smoker box on my Weber Genesis but finally gave in and joined the big boys with my WSM purchase. I've been trying to build up a repertoire to honor my Texas roots which includes...
  5. T

    New WSM 22.5 - First cook and initial thoughts

    Hello all! The much anticipated delivery of my WSM 22.5 finally happened this week and couldn't wait to cook on it. After lurking on these forums for over a year, I anticipated that my cooker would run hot for the first few times and decided to break in the WSM with a pork butt. I'm now 7 hours...
  6. B

    Hi from Phoenix, AZ

    Que pasa! New to the smoking world. Have been at it for about 6 months. Finally got a WSM 22.5 in December and I've been using it ever since. It's been great q'in weather and I got smoke on the brain. Fun hobby. See ya guys around
  7. G

    New WSM- Greasy Grates

    My wife got me a 22.5" WSM for our anniversary (nice work!) and as I was taking all the parts out last night, I noticed the grates were really greasy. Is this common? Should they just be cleaned first or do a dry run to burn it off?
  8. L

    Hello from beautiful down Wildomar

    Just got a WSM 22.5 2 weeks ago, so I am a newbee. I think the TVW website is great. Hope to learn how to do great bbq and it appears that i have a lot to learn. So far I had done chicken, a small pork roast (3 lbs), St Louis ribs, and sausage. I have been asked to bbq 9 racks of ribs and...