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Thread: First Turkey - Spatchcock

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    First Turkey - Spatchcock

    Well, I did it, but the results were mixed due to a Rookie Mistake (at least two).

    Brined 24 hours and let dry overnight per the Apple Brine recipe:
    On the smoker. Rookie mistake number 1 - I think that tying the legs together may have been a mistake. Having them tight to the lower edge of the breast may have hindered cooking in that area:
    After 2.5 hours:
    Plated and served:
    The bird was gorgeous; one apple and one cherry chunk was all I used. Breast was fine; however, the dark meat was under-cooked.

    Rookie Mistake #2; I ran temps between 310 and 330...I didn't bother pushing up the temp towards 350. The skin was tasty, but not crispy. SOme of it was a bit leathery.

    Rookie Mistake #3; when my breast probe read 161, I went and stuck a probe in the thigh meat and got 172...I figured, "pull it for rest, she's done!". NOPE. After reading a few posts by others, that 165 breast temp should have been considered a minimum, PLUS I should have probed at least 3 places in that thigh and I'l bet I would have found lower temps. DOH!

    Final take-away; not sure if the 2-day effort of brining was worth it in the end. Everybody enjoyed the breast meat, but I was disappointed since I'm a dark meat guy. I didn't get any feedback that the flavor factor was significantly enhanced.

    If I had gone longer (min 165) at higher temp would I have gotten more tender juicy breast meat? Not sure.
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    Yes, that bird is gorgeous
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    Congrats! That is a good looking turkey!

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    I saw a cool tip from Jacques Pepin,
    He cuts through the skin on the ďankleĒ and pokes the other leg tip through there. No string to fuss with! Iíve done it a couple of times with excellent results!
    The bird really looks good to me, by the way!
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