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Thread: What to do while the pork shoulder is smoking...

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    What to do while the pork shoulder is smoking...

    For the last two years, I only had a Smokey Joe and Q1200 for grilling and an electric smoker. I missed being able to add the corn on the cob, potatoes, etc. on the grill while cooking, and my electric smoker is about to die, so I got a Master Touch this spring. Not only can I now cook whole meals outside once again, but thanks to this forum and YouTube, I've had some of the best smokes ever (and may never plug the electric one in again) and found all kinds of tools and gadgets to go along with my new kettle. Last Sunday, after starting a pork shoulder using the snake method...

    I wanted something to do while I kept an eye on temps. I decided I was tired of pulling out a folding table every time I wanted to cook outside and did a quick inventory of all the scrap wood I had laying about. It's not fancy, but I finished it (minus seal and paint) just in time to take the shoulder off and place it in the cooler to rest while I got a shower and rested some myself.

    The bottom part was already white, pieces scavenged from a loft bed we had taken apart. Monday, I added a coat of outdoor paint and applied water seal to the unpainted parts. I added another coat of seal on Tuesday, added the utensil hook rack and bottle opener Wednesday. Now I have a dedicated prep/work station for my grilling and smoking needs.

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    D Livingston, welcome! You did a lot more Waiting for that pork shoulder than I would have. Well Done! :-)

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    Looks a great utility table! Nice job! I like the addition of a bottle opener.

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    Great looking table. I like the height. Not as much bending over or stooping.
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    And to think, I usually drink beer and watch the game or something...

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    I am rarely that productive, someone always seems to hand me a beverage!
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