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Thread: Using both racks in a 14.5

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    Using both racks in a 14.5

    What would be the result of doing a cook with differing meats on differing grates? Something like a butt on top and ribs below, any problem with one dripping on the other? How about if one of the 2 is a chicken, or am I better off using the kettle for the chicken?

    I'm thinking like types of meat, as in both racks with some sort of pork is okay, but not mixing.

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    Ive done that with chicken on the bottom and pork butt on top. Turned out great!
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    with the 14" access isnt as much of an issue, but keep in mind accessing the meats. you want to put the meat that will access he least on bottom. on the 22' getting the second grate is a PITA. top grate is full of food, very heavy. at least with the 14, its lighter/easier

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    No problem with one dripping on another. Some folks prefer Pork above Poultry but by the time everything is cooked it really doesn’t matter.

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