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Thread: Q rotisserie

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    Q rotisserie

    Just saw this on Amazon...

    Tempting but I already have one for my Genesis.
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    Very interesting. First time I have even seen one of those.
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    Some people think of everything, don't they? Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

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    I once saw a picture of a similar setup on an Australian site. I suppose if you only had one grill and it was a Q this might be a way to get more out if it. But to me the Q is one awesome little grill for GRILLING. That is what it was designed for. If you want low and slow or rotisserie I think you need a Genesis or something else suitable for that. Not to knock those who have come up with ways to extend the versatility of the Q grills. It is just that when you can get a used Genesis really cheap, why not have two grills?
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    But if you already have a Q? I am thinking I would love to grab that kit off Amazon for my Q320. Just one more way to exploit how good that little grill is. Also looking at some YouTube videos of that thing in action looks impressive

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    Ummmm, that wouldn't be for me. Possibly on a Q3xx, but no way on a Q2xx or smaller. And that would only be if that was my only grill. I think the Roto is much better adapted to a regular gas grill. I find it funny that the kit is cheaper for a Q3xx than a Q2xx as well.
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    I have the Weber (Q100/1000) version that I bought in Germany. I thought this aftermarket one was kind of expensive, then I looked at my account and realized I bought the Weber one for for over 130 euro!

    The Weber Q100 is my only gas grill (wait, I have the WGA gas, too) and I really love using it for grilling, low and slow (with the Weber roasting trivet, foil, and a smoking tube), and rotisserie cooks.

    Even though I have other rotisseries for other grills, I like having the flexibility of being able to spin food on multiple grills at one time.
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    Those were not available in the states before. Still working on making one for my cga.

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