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Thread: Need a WOW recipe

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    Need a WOW recipe

    I am cooking for my in-laws for their 45 wedding anniversary next month and I am looking for a recipe that will "WOW" them and make a real impression on how I can smoke meat. I have made, and am good at brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken and bacon. I have also made a porketta for Christmas this year and that was Amazing! I'm looking for you thoughts and suggestions on recipes that you made or have created from scratch that I can smoke for them for a main dish. I have an appetizer covered already. I also have a couple kettles if a smoke for flavor is good that then a sear on a grill to set a nice crust on something. I just cannot find anything that is "known good" as most recipes look and sound good but I have made a lot of them that are just garbage when I cook them.

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    If you go pulled pork try K Kruger's "a butt rub for jane", it's different & definitely good.

    I'd recommend any of his flavors!

    I'm sure you're familiar with the forum favorite #5 sauce:

    and my favorite is the Miss Piggy Mustard sauce:
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    Do something they would not expect to be smoked like meatloaf. The first time I brought it in for a potluck, it totally wowed people.
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    BRITU (Best Ribs In The Universe) is my go to.
    So many recipes, so little time
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    My friend Jim Minion's Salmon recipe is my WOW recipe.
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    45 yrs? Congrats! We have 4 yrs to hit that.. I would expect my Sons would do a prime rib or strip loin roast or tenderloin.
    We like steaks, but the presentation of a whole roast perfectly smoked/grilled is a thing of beauty.

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    Joe, I think Clint is spot on. Make a good rub (in advance). A variation of Butt Rub for Jane is one of my favorites. And yes No.5 Sauce is too!
    Plan your cook so you are not rushed-don't fight the stress of a slow poke piece of meat. A butt can rest for hours in a preheated (with hot tap water) cooler.
    Also plan some sides that will impress.
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    I have done a suckling pig on the WSM for a special occasion but do you want to do it for the first time that night? Do what you do best. I would do a brisket or prime rib.
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