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Thread: Does aluminum foil leak ?

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    Yeah, I made silly stuff when I had my run at ceramics! If I had any sense, I’d find an old buddy and have him make me a couple of things but, I haven’t seen him in years! I still have the snake I made in kindergarten!
    Distinguebant Sed, Ignoret In Particulari!
    "If brains was lard, that boy couldn't grease too big a skillet!" J. D. Clampett

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    Yea, that's me. Just find it more convenient to use foil. Surprised I did not think of corrosion being the problem. Will change the foil regularly now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy F. Lewis View Post
    Find a kid in a ceramics class and ask him to make you a catch basin out of stoneware, fully glazed then y U can just put it in the dish washer.
    You want to find a kid, an adult will charge you enough to buy a years worth of premodern foil pans!
    Gee George, you throw nickels around like they’re manhole covers,

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