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Thread: Clips for logo on hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by THyde View Post
    On a side topic, how come nobody talks about the boltless side panels for the hoods on here? There are side panels that have threaded welded aluminum (I imagine) studs inside so there are no bolts. Clean look I think.
    I like that clean look. But I also like to replace the factory bolts with stainless as well. Coin flip either way I guess.
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    I actually like the lid panels without the integrated bolts. These separate bolts have real 1/4-20 threads and one can use real stainless nuts. The integrated bolts only work with these thread cutting nuts and I have not found yet any SS version. But I guess I am picky. lol.
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    I like the integrated bolts except if you are going for originality in an older style Genesis. I had not really noticed that difference for a long time, but when I did my Skyline I was looking through my "Weber graveyard" and saw that I had a set like that. Since that grill was all custom mix-and-match, I decided I liked the cleaner look.

    I am content to use the regular ones for older style grills. I personally would rather use the stock flat head bolts that you paint black (aiming for a clean look still!), but I have seen some of the pretty cool restores where some have used all stainless. Definitely will last longer although I haven't had too many rusted out since they get covered with grease.
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    I have some of the clips that I got from ACE hardware. However, I have been using the high heat RTV. Simple and effective. But, my tube dried out to the point it won't come out of the tube any more, so I had to use the clips I had in stock. I am going to get another tube of RTV though.
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