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Thread: tube pellet smoker?

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    tube pellet smoker?

    Hows it work,? does it work?
    Thinking about it for cold smoking bacon, etc. They are certainly cheap enough, will be using in a 22WSM
    Any comment, ideas, or opinions welcomed

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    I think it's a good idea. You just get the pellets going with a propane torch. There are probably other ways to light it. It should be self sustaining once it gets going.
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    I have the A-maze-in tray not the tube and it works great for cold smoking cheese, popcorn, nuts, etc.
    I use flavored sawdust from smoknlicious.

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    I have the small tube (6") from Amazen. I use it to cold smoke cheese. It works perfectly!

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    I have a square tube, I like that I can place it across the flavorizer bars on my gasser while grilling. I've cold smoked cheese in the gasser, I've even seen a youtube video where someone cold smoked in a cardboard box

    The a-maze-in trays look nice too, I'll probably wind up with one of them too. Watch some youtube videos (maybe search smoked salt).

    here's a smoked salt thread I started:

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