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Thread: Anyone want a Mini-WSM?

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    Anyone want a Mini-WSM?

    With the advent of the 14" WSM it seems that the Mini craze has come to an end. I was looking though my inventory and I really haven't used my Mini-WSM's since getting the 14" WSM. Tough posting on a international website offering to give someone something when shipping could be more than a new 14" WSM. But I thought maybe there's someone nearby that would want what I have to offer.

    So what do I have:

    (2) Modified (added side vents) SMJ bases with lids.
    (2) tamale pots (1) rigged with grates, (1) ready for grates (no supports added yet. Both with tamale pot lid attached to bottom
    (2) custom made fire rings
    Possibly some grates (in all honesty they are really used but might clean up okay). Probably better just getting new.

    Where is this mess located at:

    Bend Oregon 97701

    I will separate each unit. But will not just send a tamale pot.

    If someone wanted this I would ship, but you would need to pay for shipping. Local pick up would be best, I'd even consider delivery in Oregon just for the road trip.

    I don't have current photos right now, but will snap a few when I get home.

    This is FREE. However if you'd like to make a donation I'd be more than happy to accept.
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    Thatís awfully cool of you Case. I gave my mini to my son years ago and he is still enjoying it. Hopefully youíll find a good home for it.

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    Nice offer Case, I still have the mini I built years ago and still use it for small batches of bacon, Canadian bacon and pork butts. Hope someone will take advantage of your offer.
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