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Thread: New Thermoworks Smoke

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    New Thermoworks Smoke

    Proud owner of a new TW Smoke from Christmas!! What's your advice on how to rig it up? Run the probes through the top vents, door or under the lid?

    Mostly smoke butts, but occasionally something else large like a turkey or prime rib.

    Appreciate the input!
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    I grabbed one just before Christmas myself. I ran it thru the vents in the top. Worked like a thermoworks always does, flawless. Did a 14 pound prime rib with it. I was surprised how far away i could get and still have reception.
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    When I first got my 14.5" WSM, I tried the silicone "portal" for the thermometer probe. I very shortly cut a groove in the barrel just like I have on my 18.5" and my Mini. It is far easier to use, and I believe in the long run, your probe will thank you.

    You can cut the groove in the lid of your Weber grills, too.

    I have two of the "Smokes" and REALLY like them. Don't forget to get the accessory silicone stand for the receiver. It is a really worthwhile accessory IMHO:

    Keep on smokin',
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    I've had one since mid summer with my Weber Genesis. Use it for smoking low & slow with the Smokemiester I have, doing baked potatoes indirect before firing up full tilt for steaks, and using it as an oven on occasion. Even bailed me out of a service call when our upright freezer in the garage partially opened. Once closed, the smoke proved that it was pilot error, not the freezer. I put the probe in the grate clip over what would be the middle burner and rout the cable thru where the rotisserie would be. Fortunately, the enclosed base on my Genesis allows the magnets to work. I then use the remote around the house to monitor what is going on outside in the grill. When I throttle up for steaks, I pull the probe right out and use my MK4 thermometer to finish. Got a great deal on a acurite Triple Event Digital Timer from for $1 They time elapsed as well as countdown.

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