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Thread: Grill Cleaner or best way

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geo S View Post
    I use a wooden one where you burn the edge with the grill bars to form the grooves. works ok, if its really bad, Ill clean it with oven cleaner, works better if you put the grill into a garbage bag after spraying so it doesnt dry out too fast, then just hose it off.
    I have the wooden one. I think it would work fairly well on stainless rod grates but agree with Bruce that the Chargon is the cat’s meow. I use my wood one on my GrillGrates, and for those I think it is the perfect tool. Burns in to match the shape of the flat top grates and not too harsh on the anodized aluminum.
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    So after 3 racks of loin back ribs (rubbed and sauced) I thought it did a good job post cook on a warm grate.
    Fired up the big boy WSM today for a pork loin and used it again to clean off any residue.
    It does the job as advertised.

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    billy bar after i spray pam
    works between cooks

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    Sorry if I am over-stepping here (only my 3rd post). I think the super-heating then scrubbing off the ash method is fine for a quick clean of the grill grates between cooks. But it does not, in my experience, help with the grease and soot that accumulate under the grates and in the fire box. For this on my grill I remove the grates and the non-attached pieces in the fire box as well as the drip pans and clean each off, mostly with Dawn soap and water. Then I scrub out the fire box using a small butter knife and gently clean off the burners using a very small brush. Finally, I use a shop vac to remove all the loose debris. I then fire it up and gently oil the grates. After everything cools, I clean the outside with Bar Keepers Friend. I try to do this 2x/year but at the very least in the early spring prior to the heavier use seasons.
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    You’re making me feel REALLY lazy!
    I do that kind of cleaning every three or four years but, ONLY, if it’s the second Thursday of the week!
    Have a good day!
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    I just use the $1 wire brushes from WalMart. They are really easy to clean.

    I soak them in Dawn and hot water for 10 minutes in a small plastic container (think Oxyclean). I brush the bristles from 2 brushes against each other to clean the gunk out in-between the bristles. Most of the time a good hard spray gets all of it out and they look like new again (except a bit bent).
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