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Thread: First turkey on a 14.5"

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    Yeah, brined it for about 24 hours, one gallon of apple juice, one gallon of water, 2 cups of salt and then rosemary sage and thyme.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AntMelo_ View Post

    Here's my first turkey!
    I used a whole chimney of Kingsford, and then I added unlit coals to fill the smoke ring (the 14 doesn't fit two full chimneys)
    Once those ashed over I added 3 blocks of apple wood
    I had trouble getting it to over 300, but it was at about 285-300 for the first hour and a half, then I kept the access door open and it reached over 335 for the reat of the cook, about another 1.5.

    I cooked it vertically on a stand, and the legs and thighs reached 175 by the time the breast reached 165. As a result, the leg and thighs was drier than the breast, but still good. The flavor was great, the skin was edible but not crisp.

    Any tips on making the legs not dry out this way? I'm also going to spray apple cider vinegar for my turkey tomorrow, not sure how often I should do that. Any tips are greatly appreciated!
    How would you describe the overall flavor?

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