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Thread: She don't wantta get hot

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    She don't wantta get hot


    I mostly cook butts, but been tying some ribs and the old girl don't want to run much more than 260 or 270. Great for butts but would like to push her up
    for some other uses. Using an IQ 120, any ideas ??

    Thanks in advance

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    What are you cooking on? Most likely you need more lit charcoal. I have no experience with ATCs but you might try putting a skewer under the lid to get more exhaust.
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    Yes, scramble the jets and open vents. I had a rib cook that was “unwilling” to pass 239! Maybe I should have been doing beans one more degree would have been “too forty!”
    Okay, I’ll go to my corner now!
    Just gassing that one off!
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    Check out the Q forum here !! Especially the hints about lighting your Q. Sounds like you are using a large tank and hose instead of a 1# canister. I don’t own a 100 series Q, but my Q220 easily gets to 550* in about 10 minutes.
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    I know some WSMs tend to run either hot or cold. My 18.5" tends to run cold and I also sometimes have trouble getting temps up; other people on here talk about using 20ish briquettes for the minion method, but if I don't use a full chimney I'll have issues getting above 200* until a few hours into the cook. Maybe you also have one that runs a bit cold.

    I also have no experience with ATCs, but putting a skewer under the lid is a good idea. Also, try flipping the access door upside down and then putting some kind of stick or something beneath it to hold it in place and then prop it open a little bit to get some more airflow. I've tried that a few times and the hardest part was finding something the correct length to prop that door open. It's been a few years since I've done it, but IIRC I just found a small forked stick from my yard and used that. Of course, that stick is now long gone, but even something that simple can work.

    Best of luck to you on figuring this out!
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    I don't have an IQ 120 but I agree that knowing what you're cooking on would better equip others to help you.

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