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Thread: Mixing Dough With A KitchenAid Mixer

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    Rusty it looks good though perhaps a little "light" on grease. I fill them up quite a bit more than that using almost half a tube. One advantage the older "Hobart" design has is it holds quite a bit more grease. I think it's a reason I see so much fewer failures on the old "K" series machines of actual parts after the OEM grease breaks down and turns either totally hard or into liquid and runs out all over people's food.
    That gear train gets much hotter than the old K series one and I believe it's because of not holding as much grease and because the OEM stuff is such crap. I have been experimenting with using the clear/white synthetic with Teflon in the large frame units like yours and seeing how they hold up. I just got one back for warranty BUT it was not for lube or gear train failure. It is an over heating motor. I put in another motor from a known good machine and will rebuild the motor I took out. But gear train with the teflon type grease is still very quiet and running cool. So time will tell.
    Up to then I had been using an Extreme Pressure Moly type grease given the propensity of the gear train to over heat on these and causing grease and mechanical failure. I have machines out there with that in them for over 5 years now and have not seen one come back.
    Truth be told I think I still trust the Moly blend grease to the teflon and may actually go back to it since the design is such on this style *your type machine" that grease will never be able to drip through to food so going with a so called "food safe" product is not really necessary plus my cost for the stuff is MUCH lower (only about 1/4 the cost of the Teflon) and I do think it may still perform better in this application

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    I should have posted a photo of the gear housing cap. There is quite a bit grease in the cap, and some of it looks like a congealed mold of sorts. Is that normal?
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