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Thread: first cook on the wsm

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    first cook on the wsm

    Happy with my results from last Sundays cook. Never used a smoker before so I marinated overnight and spatch-cocked a whole chicken to start with then followed by 3 split racks of ST. louis ribs. Started the smoker at 8:30 am with 2 chimneys full in the ring and one full chimney lit then threw a few chunks of pecan and man did I like that taste. Chicken hit 160 at noon and then threw the ribs on no added wood. Had to choke 2 of the vents on the bottom and the other was closed and the top was closed 1/3rd and she ran at around 250 ish. Checked the bottom of the grill yesterday and the basket had a lot of good charcoal left. Really rewarding cook the whole family really liked the ribs. First time on a smoker or grill for that matter. Chicken went into the fridge for a weeknight meal.
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    Good for you Jim. Sounds like you've been doing this for years
    So many recipes, so little time
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    That's great to hear! Glad everything came out well.
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    Excellent! The journey is just beginning...
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