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Thread: What should I do with my Warrantied 26" lid and bowl?

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    What should I do with my Warrantied 26" lid and bowl?

    Hey folks!
    I just joined the 26" kettle family, and am super excited!
    However, when I got my new kettle, the lid and bowl were both damaged. Weber sent me replacement parts, and now I've got these new, but chipped porcelain (lid) and scratched (bowl) parts taking up space. I've been trying to think of a few fun things to do with them.

    My fiance wants to use the bowl as a fire pit, and I'm kinda digging the idea. I could buy a replacement 22" charcoal grate to sit at the bottom of the bowl to make the fire pit a nice size. I could also get a new 26 grilling grate for campfire style meals.
    I've looked at buying all the replacement parts and making a new 26" kettle, but it would wind up costing the same as buying second brand new kettle.

    So, I challenge you, Kettle heads. What would you do with an extra bowl and lid?

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    You could send them to me i would build a mini ranch

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    Fire pit or whatever comes to mind. Grate could be nice for some stuff. You can use some pipe for short legs for the beach, etc.

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    Make a 26” WSM!
    Or, send it to me for development into an “overperformer”!
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    I vote mini Ranch. You got the expensive parts, just need the ranch legs and a few nuts and bolts. oh and a charcoal and grill grate...
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