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Thanks for the advice! Iím leaning towards the genesis II se-310. I donít think I want to refurbish a grill (but I like the concept). The LX seems like a waste of cash unless there is a really good reason for it.
You might want to consider the 400-series Genesis 2. I just purchased one. The special edition model with stainless steel flavorizer bars and grates. 900 bucks free shipping no tax.

I did consider the se310. Very nice Grill. Came really close to buying that one. But I think what it really came down to was my desire to have more grilling surface than less... The 400 series has so much real estate for indirect Cooks... A 19 x 34 grid.

I looked at the Spirit line and felt not as well built as the Genesis 2 line of grills. As for the LX series, I agree with you that I think it's overpriced considering the E-Series will work just as well. Although the LX series grills do you have the high plus option on each burner. This is essentially outputs 10% more heat than the S Series. I think weber is pushing that as their "sear station Replacement."