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Thread: Experienced Grill Haulers...I Have a Question About Securing Multiple Grills

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    Experienced Grill Haulers...I Have a Question About Securing Multiple Grills

    Hey Guys...getting ready to make my biggest and final haul for a while. Going about 50 miles total to get a blue Genny with side burner (needs work), Amazing condition red head, and a stainless Genny gold model that is in really good shape. Grand total of $100 and change.

    Since they are all out of town, I'm going to ATTEMPT to get all three of them at once. Right now, I only own 2 ratchet straps. I'm trying to think of a way to secure all 3 without having to buy another set of straps. Any advice? Thanks a lot.

    P.s. I have a standard size bed on my newer Silverado, so space isn't an issue. Just want to make sure they don't fly away...

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    I'm assuming you're using a pickup or a LARGE van. Anything you can do to make them less "top heavy" will help tremendously. Take the lids off. That gets about 30% or more of the weight off the top. Then you can use one strap to hold down multiple grills. Wrap the lids in moving blankets and you're golden

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    Don't forget to take the SS flip lid/cover and porcelain grate off of the side burner, you don't want those flying off during transit and getting replacements for just those items are hard to find nowadays.
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    Agree -

    First thing I do is pop the hinge pins and remove the hood. Then all loose parts go in the hood; cook grates, flavorizers, wire racks, side tables, under tables / racks ; if it comes off without tools, into the hood. That way you're dealing with more just the bulk factor of the frame / firebox as opposed to awkward weighty issues.

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    Also remove the top tables which can easily fly off. I would also remove the grates and flavorizer bars as they can bounce around. Basically take everything off which is not bolted to the grill. And wrap the hoods in blankets. If they have cabinet doors, tape them shut or wrap a strap around them.
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    Why not put a tarp over the tops and lash with virtually any kind of rope?
    To be clear, lash first, then secure a tarp. Might they all sit face to back lined up across the bed right behind the cab then one ratchet strap to keep them in place and the tarp to be “safer”. Maybe a blanket between to keep things from scratching of course.
    I have simply taken the grates out and laid things on their back.
    This is far from rocket science guys, I don’t mean to be flippant but, really?
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    As a truck driver I drive a lot of miles and I see a lot of smashed BBQ grills laying by the side of the highway during the average summer. I would invest in a couple extra sets of straps, better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. Besides it's not like straps are a one time use item, as a pickup owner they're always good to have around.

    That and the advice above concerning removing the loose stuff and you should be good to go (and I'll have one less grill to dodge on the highway).

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    I'd start off by saying that a pack of ratchet straps is like what, $12? Might not be a bad idea to invest in a few more. That said, if your truck bed has tie downs, just take a couple of blankets with you, start stacking the grills right behind your cab and strap it down. Unless your truck flips over, they shouldn't go anywhere.

    Definitely remove the shelves and the side burner covers. personally, I think that removing the lids is unnecessary if you place the straps right, but probably a good idea. Better to be safe than sorry.
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    I agree, take out the flavo bars and cooking grates and remove the lids. OH and dont forget to secure the lid on the Silver C extra burner (I made that mistake once).
    Then use blankets or better yet a couple large sheets of cardboard to put between them and use one ratchet strap to hold them all as one and one to secure them from moving around. But, better yet, stop at a Harbor freight and pick up a couple for under $10 or even pick a couple up at a walmart or Home depot, menards, lowes, etc and do it the right way.
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