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Thread: Tempted!

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    It would be a ways out of your way off of I90. But, yah, I don't really beleive in that style either. I was thinking it might be worth picking up and doing a quick clean and fix and donating it whatever. The last time I grabbed a spirit with a cabinet, the goofy tray support in it was totally rusted out needing an expensive replacement and the cabinet was rusted pretty good. It looks like that one is all stainless, but I just don't think it could be cleaned up enough to look good enough to sell for a decent price. It looks like it has been completely neglected for years and I am sure any non-stainless parts are in tough shape.
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    Once that SS starts rusting you know that more will be showing up shortly. Also if it's been sitting out there all winter who knows what's living inside that cabinet.
    I'd pass on it also.
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