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Thread: Ribeye roast from Easter weekend

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    Ribeye roast from Easter weekend

    I ended up buying a whole bone in ribeye while on sale this past week. I had them cut 2 roast and 8 steaks. Thanks to Rich Dahl for sharing the sale otherwise I might have missed out. My mom ended up visiting so I decided to make one of the roasts.

    I didnít feel like using the 22.5 wsm so I fired up the kettle instead. Smoked it for 4 hours using indirect heat. I wish I would of took a picture of the final plate however by that time I had forgot. I had some grilled asparagus and smashed potatoes along with a salad. Ohhh, I canít forget the beer. Needless to say, it was a great meal.

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    I spun one a little bit bigger than that one a while back. It turned out beautifully but, I don’t think it was any better than straight indirect method. It’s always an impressive feast!
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    Nicely done Jose, nicely done!
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    Looks great Jose. Those two bone roast are great. Glad you were able to take advantage of the sale. Barb and I will be having our first steak from the sale tomorrow, really looking forward to that.
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