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Thread: How close can you get without copyright infringement?

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    How close can you get without copyright infringement?

    I just received a "King Kong" grill cover from Amazon that I bought for a SS Peformer (blue) that I picked up. The Amazon ad didn't show the packaging, but when it arrived at my door I did a double-take. I thought I had received a Weber item. I happened to still have the empty box from a Weber cover for the Performer, so here is a side-by-side comparison of the packaging:

    I am sure it makes the corporate people at Weber go ape when they see this King Kong box! Of course, BOTH are made in China, so what can you say

    As far as the cover itself, they are different. The King Kong one has a slicker outside that would seem to be possibly more water repellent. I don't know about longevity, but another member reports good success with his King Kong. My Weber one is getting dry and brittle, so I was willing to try something else for a lot less $.

    One bad thing, the covers for the newer Performers aren't long enough to ideally fit on the old first generation stainless Performer.
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    I have a King Kong cover for my genesis 2000 it's over two years old and still looks like new. In the Arizona sun Weber covers are good for about a year or so, I'm very happy with KK so far.
    Well the Chinese have never given a rats petunia about copyright's so it figures.
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    The Weber cover for my Performer is over 2 years old and still looks great. It is on my back patio, uncovered in the Texas heat. I have been impressed with it so far.
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    Amazon has a lot of issue. One of the biggest is selling knock offs. They say they are doing something about it but I seriously doubt it. As to kk, I see no reason why they think they need to "copy" the box.

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    I had the weber covers for my genesis and wsm...both cracked/crumbled in the first year. I switched to the beige Classic Accesories Veranda series covers for all my grills. They have a 2 year warranty against tears/ just take a picture of any tiny rip just before the warranty is up and you get a free new you can get at least 4 years out of it...I've had one for nearly 5.
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