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Thread: My $10 thrift store bargain: Restoring a Weber Q200

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    The original coated grates really had little porcelain on them. So they did rust if not taken care of.

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    Yep, the Q grills are awesome simple grills. I cooked for my family on a Q100 for the last ten years. I have also refurbed about ten Q grills from 320's down to the 100's and even a few Q140 electrics. Your grill looks typical for how they usually look when people want to get rid of them and sell them for $25. It is good your cooking grate was still in good condition. If that is bad, the cost of replacement is $50 plus and makes it a lot less of a bargain.

    If you wind up redoing the lid, I suggest you completely strip it and then repaint. I did a red Q220 a couple months ago and it came out great. I used Rustoleum Red High temp flat paint and put a couple coats of clear gloss high temp to change it back to a nice shiny finish. The best way to strip them that I have found is to use an angle grinder with a 4" wire cup brush. I tried several solvents, but that weber paint is some real bad a$$ stuff.

    Grills and guns are a lot alike. While one would usually suffice and you can only use one a time, each grill/gun is better in certain situations.

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    Wow! Gorgeous red! Well that is something to aspire to. I never expected to wind up using this little grill so much, so it may be ready for another facelift sooner than anticipated. I really appreciate the tips; this group is a great source for experienced ideas. I am learning a lot😊.

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    Nice job for sure. The grate especially looks amazing.
    So, somebody donated the Q to the thrift store? I can't imagine why. I picked up my first Q (a 100 which was also $10) from a young guy who was moving out of the country for his job. I had been curious about them, but when I saw the ad for a $10 Q that was only 10 minutes away, I couldn't get over there fast enough. He still had the original box and manual and it had been used very little. Apparently, he had cooked fish on it, because when I did an initial burn off, it gave off a strong fishy odor. Then it was fine after that.
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