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Thread: 2018 Genesis II: Two New Grills

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg M View Post
    Does anyone know for sure if the old Weber's used non magnetic 300 series stainless for their flavorizers and grates? The flavorizers always rust even the Cadillac quality rcplanebuyer ones. Rusting really isn't an issue there until they rust through. Not sure about the grates?
    I posted elsewhere, but I did a magnet test on a 2012-2016 Genesis s-330 "all stainless" and found that both the grates and flavorizers were also magnetic. As I said there, in spite of this, in all the otherwise rust-bucket Genesis 300 grills I have picked up, I have never seen one where the stainless grate had rust. Junked up, ugly yes - but no rust. I would think that regardless of it apparently being 400 series SS that the construction of these grates is adequate if given even the most basic care.

    The flavorizers are another story, and I am just glad for Dave aka RCPlanebuyer. Definitely the way to go for upgrading/replacing these.

    So, at least the Genesis II has SOME 304SS. That is an improvement, since the 300 series were magnetic on the externals, too. Still, I believe they should at least give an option of having it all be 304SS.
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    Just tested my E330ep and. Flavorizers magnetic, rod grates slightly magnetic (hard to detect in some places maybe because it's round?), warming grate not magnetic and handles not magnetic.

    Used regularly in bay area California for over 5 years. Covered during rain with good raveena brand covers. no rust

    With SS Rod that thick I don't think the grade matters as much as the sheet metal.

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