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Thread: Almost ditch my WSM for a pellet grill/smoker simply because of ATC.....

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    Almost ditch my WSM for a pellet grill/smoker simply because of ATC.....

    Yes, i know, shame on me for looking at another grill

    Almost dropped $600+ for a new cableas pellet grill/smoker and then my memory finally kicked in and recalled that there at ATC unit's for the WSM.
    Seriously, the only reason i was going to go with the pellet is for the ATC feature.

    Since i've never owned a ATC unit and haven't thought about one since the digiQ originally came out...what's out there to choose from?
    Flame Bose BBQ Guru's are the only two i know off...and the guru's reviews haven't been great that i've read so far.

    I would really like to be able to access the temps from my phone in case i'm out and about while the smoker is going.
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    I had an ATC then decided to learn how to use my WSM naurally aspirated. I sold the ATC and haven't missed it. I can set up the WSM to run for as long as I need it to with one or two adjustments. Exact temps are not required. Close enough is good enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwain Pannell View Post
    Close enough is good enough.
    Truer words were never spoken.

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    Many people, like myself, use the heatermeter. You can make it yourself or buy one ready to go. I am currently using mine with an Akorn. The heatermeter can send you text messages or email at a variety of triggers. You can change settings from anywhere in the world with internet access. I used to have an 18" wsm. But, I felt like it was too small for me. So, I sold it for something larger. I had it in my mind that I would get either the 22" wsm or a ceramic cooker. I looked closely at the pellet smokers, as well. Then, I found this Akorn on Craigslist and decided to give it a try as a compromise. It's so well insulated that it makes it finicky at times. Anyway, the heatermeter keeps the temperature rock steady and it's a fun project, too. It would work well with your wsm.

    Btw, the reason I haven't gone with the pellet smoker is because I did the math on the cost to burn pellets. It seemed like to me that the pellets would cost close the same as the food. And, there are mechanical parts that will fail eventually. With a charcoal smoker, even if your temp controller fails, you can still cook.
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    I cook manual and sometimes with my ATC. I understand why you want one. You need to decide if you just want something to control temp or you want to remote control temp, speak to it in 3 languages, and print out a temperature graph. Seriously, if you want bells and whistle there are several options. Heatermeter, Stoker, Digi Q, Auber Flameboss etc. If you want one that you can operate while getting a haircut I think you have options. I have a very basic ATC and it meets my needs.
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