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Thread: Feeding 40 people

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    You could also try Roadside chicken and pulled beef
    A few pork loins instead of PP is another idea.

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    I did pork loins for a wedding I catered, I believe I did four whole (eight halves) for 150 people. They are an easy product to handle, season, roast indirect (or on the WSM) slice and you are finished! I love them. Usually not prohibitively expensive either.
    I make a nice apricot/red pepper jelly to serve with that or offer a basic red barbecue such or a Carolina mustard sauce. University of KY used to run a pork chop sandwich booth at a bluegrass music festival that was more a very thin vinegar mustard seed, brown sugar "splashy" sauce that was fantastic, I think Paula Deen had one very close on her show once upon a time. I might have it if I wasn't too lazy to loook for it I'd share. Damn, just had lunch, the hotdog thread made me want one of those, not I want a pork chop sandwich! My doctor is going to make me stop looking at this site!
    Chris, PM me of you want the sauce recipe, I think I know where it is.
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    40 ppl with 3 or 4 proteins is actually pretty easy. Do 2 butts the day before for the pulled pork. Reheat in bags or in 1/2 pans Get 10 boneless chicken breasts from the grocer. At home, lay out a sheet of wax paper and grab a meat mallet, a coffee mug, or something somewhat heavy. Lay a chickenbreast on the wax paper and cover with another sheet. Pound the thickest part of the chicken to get it to match the thinner side. Don't go overboard here. You aren't trying to pound the whole thing into a thin cutlet. What you are aiming for is consistency from one side to the other. After you do this, grab your knife and cut the breast down into smaller portions. Usually that will be 2 pieces, but sometimes, I even do three pieces on really big breasts.

    About 3 hours before serving time, place the chicken in gallon zip lock bags and add in a bottle of zesty Italian dressing. Add a couple of good shakes of Worcesteshire sauce to the mix. Seal the bag and roll it around / shake it to get a nice mix. Unzip, remove as much air as possible, then reseal the bag.

    Add in 15 burgers and a pack or two of hotdogs and you are set. The entire cook can be done on the Performer. Fire up a large chimney and dump it on one side of the grill. Spread the coals out to cover 1/2 the cooking surface. Put your grate back on and throw the chicken pieces on to direct grill. About the time you get the last piece of chicken on, it's probably time to start turning the chicken that went on first. All you are looking to do is here to get some color and some grill marks. IF nothing is ready to flip yet, put the lid down for a min or two then check again. Flip the chicken once to get the same nice color and grill marks on the other side. Then, move the chicken to the other side of the grate to finish indirectly. At this point, place the burgers and dogs over the direct heat. Put the lid back on for some covered cooking. remove lid to flip burgers and turn dogs as needed. Bring all food off the grill when it's done.

    Simple, easy.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. It gives me stuff to think about. I was thinking again and will likely do what Dave is suggesting on the chicken, I've done it before, why not do it again. Its easy and people like it.

    I definitely think I want to do the pulled pork as I can get that done ahead of time and not have to worry.

    May consider doing drums on the performer to add to it (and possibly have an excuse to buy a Vortex), or do the flank steak idea. Probably 1 or the other if I end up doing burgers and dogs.

    ideally, I think I"ll have 2 grills going, I'm still learning the charcoal grill. I've so far lit a weber chimney on fire, melted a glove to the lid, had a bunch of lump fall through the charcoal grate and some in the ash catcher. I've had some decent burgers so far, a slightly overcooked ribeye, OK sausage, and some struggle on drumsticks.
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