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Thread: Briquettes other than KBB?

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    The long burning kingsford and the professional are close to a buck a pound here. I really like the weber once you get it on the premiums
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    I've been picking up two bags of this stuff each trip to Costco. $.56 per pound.

    I was impressed with the limited amount of ash it produced on my initial clean-out cook on the JJ and the WSM.
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    Dub, be careful about sitting your chimney directly on concrete surfaces. Cracks can develop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty James View Post
    Dub, be careful about sitting your chimney directly on concrete surfaces. Cracks can develop.
    Yes, Rusty makes a very valid point on safety. I used to set my chimney directly on my driveway a few times with no problems. You can see the slight orange discoloration in the concrete. But I always set my starter cube on a small paver.

    The last time I did it, I couldn't find my small paver so I just placed my starter cube on the drive ( Wrong ) I was getting ready to bend over and pick it up, and I heard a pop like a firecracker and a piece of concrete shrapnel blew by my face.
    Concrete hold moisture for a long time, and if you quickly hit it with a High heat source it causes thermal shock.

    I was lucky I didn't bend over a few seconds earlier cause these are pics from the crater left behind.

    Be safe!

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