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Thread: Performer Question

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    Performer Question

    Hi everyone,

    I picked up a stainless steel performer today off Craigslist. It didn't come with a gas tank, and I have couple questions. If I invest in a new 5 gallon tank, will it have the quick connect fitting? Will my local garden center be able to fill it? Or will I need some kind of adapter?

    If I decide to fit it for a 20 lb tank, what regulator would I need to buy.

    It's in pretty good shape otherwise, I'm looking forward to restoring it. Pictures to follow.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Take a look at the "I think I scored a good deal" thread. I think if space allows, that's the route I would take. One twenty pound tank...years of service? Makes sense to my lazy grilling behind!
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    I'm not sure of the hookup on the older stainless steal performer. I know this is what I use on my newer one to hook up a 20lb bottle. I think someone on here added adaptors to the older stainless so maybe they will chime in.

    Here's what I use for my newer version
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    Hello again,

    I haven't started the restore yet, but I'm still trying to figure out if there is a fitting that I can use to attach a new hose and regulator to my performer. Weber can sell me a new hose and regulator that will work for 100 bucks. That's twice what I paid for the grill. Trying to find a cheaper alternative. I searched the forum without any success. Any ideas?

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    You could try checking this out.;_ylc...p=mss&ei=UTF-8
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    Ron, the propane setup on that model of Perfomer went through a number of changes during it's lifespan. Could you pull up the plate and take a couple of pics of the setup ? I.e. the knob, the connections, and the regulator ?
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    for the original poster. not sure if he ever got closure on this, but really all you need is a tank and a new acme nut. This is if you know the regulator is good. I re-used the shutoff valve and propane oraface from the original grill.

    Just acme nut (unscrew quick connect from regulator and replace with this)

    regulator with acme nut. (or replace both regulator and acme nut)

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