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Thread: Sous Vide Setup

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    Yeah exactly, the inputs to the HeaterMeter are analog voltages for all the probes and the DS18B20 is a digital one-wire device so HeaterMeter won't communicate with it. You could connect it to the Pi but there's no mechanism to feed external temperatures into HeaterMeter so it won't be able to use the information. We also don't include any of the kernel code for the Pi to communicate with 1-wire devices so you'd face an uphill battle there as well.

    In short there's not any way to use a DS18B20 as an input sensor with the HeaterMeter without going to great lengths in both hardware and software.
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    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was thinking about getting into sous vide. I had bookmarked this back when v2 of this case was designed, but now that I'm ready to start, it looks like some of the diagrams are missing from some of the posts. Would it be possible to get a picture of the inside of the assembled v2 case and if you have a full parts list that would be great too. So far I've been able to identify that I'd need the following:

    • Fused power connector part # 693-6200.2100
    • Power Plug part # 562-738W-X2/01
    • 5mm 12 volt LED
    • A 330ish Ohm current limiting resister in series with one of the legs of the above LED. There were so many resistors in Mouser that I was having a hard time trying to figure out what was important on this to limit my search down. Any help would be appreciated. Is a 1w resister sufficient or do I need something beefier?
    • DC-AC 25A Solid State Relay - Is there a better one to use? Is there one from Mouser that is worthwhile and affordable? I wasn't having much luck with my search.
    • Cat5 plug is a C-Tech brand found at any Home Depot
    • 3d printed case
    • M6x1 cap head screws x4 I believe
    • Miscellaneous connector wire.
    • 3-prong US appliance cord (which I should be able to scavenge from the junk bin but am including for completeness).
    • Crock pot (obviously)
    • Heatermeter (obviously)
    • Waterproof temperature probe of some sort such as this

    Am I missing anything else? Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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