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Thread: The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Smith View Post
    I use a roto damper on my WSM 221/2 with home built burner with no problems.
    Thanks Dave. Would you mind sharing your PIDs and Servo settings? How do you set your TOP valve?
    My question was a bit more specific: Is it WORTH it? I'm afraid that i used to small tubes. I used 15mm tubes which may introduce too much anti pressure, and there is next to no natural air flow when the fan is off, so a damper may not add any value?!?
    I sure can just try it out, as it's build pretty fast, but still want to hear your opinions.

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    here's what I use on my WSM 22.5
    B=0; P=4; I=0.02; D=5
    Fan pulse; min 0%; max 30%; max at startup
    Servo 700 - 2110
    top vent is always wide open
    My burner uses 3/4" copper pipe

    WSM 22.5; 22.5 OTS; MINI

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