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Thread: The Adapt-a-Damper - Open Source Project

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    before I made a burner, I used this setup, a sink drain, sink pipe, and my fan went on pipe........sinkdrain was on one of the vents.[IMG][/IMG]

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    I bought a Mill about 6 months ago that I'm slowly converting to CNC. Hopefully, I'll have an Aluminum (maybe stainless?) version of the Adapt-a-Damper before the end of the year. There are probably going to be some changes to make it CAM friendly. It will utilize the same Delta fan, but I may have to go with a larger servo (ergo, larger power supply). Stay tuned.
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    Holy smokes, I'd like to see that, the more pics of the process the better!
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    I'm so glad I check back here every once in a while. Thanks for the new threads, Wbegg!...and thanks for the open sharing of the design.

    Printing one tonight.

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