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Thread: Memorial Day Smoke Day in PA

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    Memorial Day Smoke Day in PA

    Hi everyone,

    I don't post often but I had to share the results from Smoke Day 11. Started with using a butt rub for Jane from the forums. This was the first time using a rub with no salt. It was pretty amazing stuff. My son, Ryan, decided to help out.

    At 1 am we got the smoker going with 20 pounds of KBB set up for a minion method. Decided to use Cherry and Pecan and got the butt on. Unfortunately my grate probe went bad 30 mins in so I had to take my meat probe out of the butt and use it as a grate probe.

    After 7 hrs we got the ribs on the smoker for a 3-2-1 method. When foiling I used Agave (first time using), Apple juice, brown sugar, and margarine. When we unfoiled, I noticed my shoulder (now at 12 hours) was still at like 185, so I foiled the butt to help get it the rest of the way there. I sprinkled the ribs with a different bbq rub I had made awhile back to add another level of flavor.

    I finished by saucing with Sweet Baby Ray's x3 and pulling the pork butt. The pulled pork was pretty good. I through some Carolina Red and rub in with it when I pulled for some flavor/moisture. The ribs were the highlight. I didn't get a clear picture as we were rushing but they had an awesome texture, smoke ring, flavor. These were the best ribs I've made since I got my smoker 4 years ago. I credit the rub and agave as those were the new things I'd tried.

    When all was said and done we matched the meat up with my wife's Mac and cheese, a bean salad, and finished with some banana pudding. It was a great meal. Everyone left full and gave me high praise for the food. My reputation as a backyard pitmaster continues onward. I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day.

    (Making the rub)

    (Food prepped)

    (chimney started)

    (Ribs on the smoker)

    (ribs sauced)

    (Pork pulled)

    (ribs cut)
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    Congrats to Adam & Ryan, fantastic cooks!
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    Looks like a successful smoke day at the Adam B house
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    It certainly looks like a winning Smoke Day menu from here! Nicely done.
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    Looks like your Smoke Day was awesome and you had a great little helper!
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    You had me at Banana Pudding. Everything looks good.

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    Nice smoke day feast! Looks great.
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    A Wonderful post Adam!
    Love it when members come out on occasion and share a great meal with us!

    The pulled pork looks AWESOME!
    Your ribs, PERFECT!

    But you help is PRICELESS!!

    Thanks for posting!!
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